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Center for Animal Law Studies

Animal Law Clinic

The Animal Law Clinic at the Center for Animal Law Studies serves as a resource for students, professors, attorneys, organizations, media, and individual clients.

The Animal Law Clinic (ALC) assists organizations and attorneys involved in animal protection litigation, legislation, and policy work; and researches and analyzes developments in animal protection law. Although ALC focuses on matters of national and international importance, it maintains close connections with the local community and facilitates animal protection progress in Oregon.

As the only year-long clinic dedicated to animal protection issues, ALC provides unique and rewarding clinical experience for students. Through ALC, students develop their legal research, analysis and writing skills while also learning about litigation, negotiation, drafting, and advocacy. ALC provides a valuable resource for students to gain real-world experience.

ALC students conduct research, represent clients, work on clinic projects, and with attorneys outside the clinic to develop the field of animal law and encourage consideration of the interests of animals in legal decision making. Their work includes research, transactional work, litigation, and strategic planning. Where possible, students also shadow local lawyers, work with lawyer partners around the country, observe legal proceedings, and conduct field work to better understand the problems facing animals.

Currently, the ALC is working on the regulatory barriers to alternatives to animal testing, and determining how best to address some of the problems resulting from factory farming. Additionally, the ALC is working with the Oregon Humane Society to determine the origins and scope of its authority; and with the County Attorney’s Office to consider changes in the procedural rules for dangerous dog hearings.

The Animal Law Clinic is working with the Small Business Legal Clinic on a project to form a tax-exempt non-profit organization for a client whose mission is to stop the slaughter of chimpanzees in Cameroon as part of that country’s bushmeat trade.