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Center for Animal Law Studies

Summer Program in Animal Law

CALS Summer Program classes are available for academic credit to Lewis & Clark law students, visiting law students from any ABA-accredited school, and international students. CALS Summer Program courses are also available for auditing by attorneys and non-law students.

Registration for Summer 2015 courses is open!

Visiting Students

A visiting student is a student who needs a transcript of the work in order to receive credit at another educational institution. Visiting students should check with their home schools to ensure the credits are transferable. Lewis & Clark is an ABA-accredited law school, and the summer courses are eligible for transfer back to ABA-accredited schools or international schools, depending on the rules of the school accepting the credits for transfer. International students should check with their home school as to the specific rules regarding transfer of credits.

To register, visiting students will need to submit the following to Brooke Mill,

  1. Visiting Student Registration Form (pdf)
  2. Letter of Good Standing from your home law school (The letter does not have to accompany the registration form but must be received before you will be allowed to matriculate.)
  3. $150 non-refundable deposit

Visiting students should verify that the summer program class credits will transfer to their home institution. Students should also apply for financial aid at their home institutions as soon as possible.

Auditing Students

An auditing student is someone who is not transferring the course credit back to another educational institution. Auditors may receive continuing education credits, however this must be arranged by the auditor. No Lewis & Clark transcript is generated for auditors, only a certificate of completion, if the auditor meets the conditions stated in the Auditing Student Policies Form.

All participants interested in auditing a Lewis & Clark course must read the Lewis & Clark Law School Audit Policies prior to registration.

To register, auditors will need to submit the following to Lindsay Kadish,

  1. Animal Law Registration Form for Auditors (pdf)
  2. Full tuition payment (see Registrar’s webpage for up-to-date tuition information)

Auditors may choose from two options: to take the class without receiving a certificate, or to take the class and receive a certificate of completion. If an auditor chooses to receive a certificate of completion s/he must pass the final exam. Lewis & Clark law school does not keep any official record of auditors who attend our classes.

Excellent CLE opportunity!


Registration for all summer courses will be accepted up to the first day of class. It is best, however, to register for summer classes as soon as possible to guarantee a seat.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing may be available. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the law school summer graduate housing webpage.

Summer 2015 Courses


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