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National Crime Victim Law Institute

About Us

NCVLI is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal education and advocacy organization whose mission is to actively promote balance and fairness in the justice system through crime victim centered legal advocacy, education, and resource sharing.

Getting to Know NCVLI

  • 9 member Board of Directors and 19 member Advisory Council
    • Nationally recognized members include Law Professor Doug Beloof, co-author of the only casebook on victim law; Jennifer Storm, author and Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; John Gillis, former Director of the Office for Victims of Crime; General Richard Harding, former Air Force Judge Advocate General; Dr. Rebecca Campbell, lead researcher on sexual violence.
    • Personal experience with victimization ranges from surviving family members of homicide, survivors of sexual violence and assault, and more.
  • A legal staff with a collective 40+ years of experience in victim law
    • NCVLI’s attorneys received their law degrees from such schools as Stanford, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Minnesota, and University of Virginia.
  • Awards & Recognition for Staff and NCVLI
    • Parents of Murdered Children’s John W. Gillis Leadership Award; Mary Byron Celebrating Solutions Award for Innovation in Responding to Violence Against Women; Crime Victims’ Rights Award from the U.S. Department of Justice; and Paul H. Chapman Foundation for Improvement of Justice Award.
Impact and Expertise
  • Recognized as the leading expert in victim law
    • In the past year, NCVLI provided technical assistance in 139 matters in 31 jurisdictions, assisting attorneys, advocates, and allied professionals.
    • NCVLI staff is routinely called upon to testify in front of state legislatures and Congress.
    • In 2013, NCVLI’s model, with its guidance, was adopted by every branch of the U.S. military.
  • Educating nationwide to ensure that victims receive expert assistance
    • In the past year, NCVLI has trained more than 2,400 victim service providers.
    • Since 2002, NCVLI has successfully hosted the only national conference focused on victim law, which now brings together more than 300 professionals and experts to share knowledge and best practices.
    • NCVLI teaches the Crime Victim Litigation Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. 
  • Amicus curiae (friend of the court) in more than 130 cases in state trial and appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court
    • NCVLI’s amicus briefs educate courts about the long-term impact of their decisions on victim issues, ranging from ensuring the privacy and protection of stalking victims, to providing child-victims alternative means of testimony, to the importance of restitution for victims to make a fresh start.
  • Sponsor of the only national membership alliance dedicated to victims’ rights in criminal justice
    • The National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys & Advocates (NAVRA), an NCVLI project, is the only national membership alliance of victims’ rights enforcement advocates and attorneys.  NAVRA’s membership website ( has sample briefs, memoranda and case law summaries.
Management Experience
  • Successful management of numerous grants from agencies such as the Office for Victims of Crime, Office on Violence Against Women, Bureau of Justice Assistance
    • Projects have focused on victim populations facing unique challenges, including victims of online fraud, violence against women, and child-victims.
    • In FY 2010-2011 alone, managed seven federal grants worth a cumulative of more than $8 million.
    • NCVLI has led multiple demonstration projects to increase the capacity of the field.


See the world we dare to imagine for victims and how you can help create that world.

Watch our video to hear about our work and learn about our mission & values.


Watch our video to hear why victims’ rights matter and NCVLI’s role in advancing victim’s rights.


Watch our video to learn why victims’ rights and victims’ voices matter.