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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Crime Victim Litigation Clinic

Under the supervision of Clinical Professor Meg Garvin students support crime victim attorneys nationwide through legal research and writing to support lawyers nationwide who are directly representing crime victims in criminal cases; to help write amicus curiae briefs that are filed in trial and appellate courts nationwide; to help anticipate and prepare for future litigation at both the trial and appellate levels; and for legal publications on emerging issues in victim law.

Spring 2015 Clinic Class

During spring 2015 four Lewis & Clark Law School students are actively engaged in the work of the Crime Victim Litigation Clinic. These amazing second year students are dedicating more than 10 hours/week responding to the dozens of survivors who contact NCVLI through its hotline, providing resources and referrals.  In addition, they are working on legal research and writing on a wide range of legal issues, including what the proper standard of review is for a violation of victims’ rights under Alaska law; the scope of a victim’s right to a police report under Oregon law; whether victims’ rights can be used to compel a defendant’s presence at a sentencing hearing in order to ensure (s)he is present for a victim impact statement; arguing for recovery of the cost of a security system under California restitution law, and much more.  NCVLI and victims nationwide are lucky to have this team!

Payment of a $40 Clinic fee is required.  Students should pay by making checks payable to NCVLI on the first day of class. The fee will be refunded in full if a student drops the class during the “free” add/drop period of the semester. After that, no refund will be issued.”