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International Investment Law Seminar

Limit: 15 students

Foreign investment has become a major driver of the global economy, and it is now common for American lawyers to represent foreign companies in connection with their U.S. operations, or to advise U.S. companies that are investing abroad.   Meanwhile, foreign investment is increasingly attracting controversy because of its potential adverse impacts on the environment and local populations.  This seminar explores international law governing the treatment and regulation of foreign investment, and the tensions that exist between investor rights and prerogatives, on the one hand, and national sovereignty, the environment, and human rights, on the other.  Consideration is also given to related issues such as the drafting of investment contracts, the structuring of investments, and dispute resolution under investment treaties.

Evaluation is based on a paper on a relevant topic of each student’s choice, subject to approval.  It is expected that each student will make a class presentation on the topic of his or her paper.  Students may use this class to satisfy the Capstone writing requirement.


Meets Capstone writing requirement.

Law Courses Catalog

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