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Natural Resource Law and Policy Seminar

  • Typically offered every other year
Description: This seminar will examine several major natural resources areas and the associated legal schemes that govern their protection and use on private and public lands: endangered species, salmon, water, forests, and minerals. Using Charles Wilkinson’s book, “Crossing the Next Meridian: Land, Water and the Future of the West,” and supplemental readings, we will examine the historical underpinnings of our natural resources laws in the U.S. and the modern application of those laws and will discuss the policy aspects of the law in some depth. The seminar will also evaluate non-legal factors and social, political, and economic theories that influence natural resources law and policy in the U.S. The seminar is intended to be a companion to the Public Lands and Resources and Natural Resources classes in that it will examine several of the same issues as the two classes, but will evaluate them from different perspectives and will have less concentration on caselaw. The seminar also requires a paper and accompanying student presentation. As a result, students will also be exposed to a variety of miscellaneous natural resources issues as a result of the topics a student picks in any given semester.

Students will write a 20-25 page paper on a natural resources topic of their choice. During the latter part of the semester, students will give a presentation on their paper in progress. Students will be graded on the basis of the paper, the presentation, and overall class participation. The paper can count as the “A” or “B” paper and towards the Environmental/Natural Resources Certificate.

Prerequisite and Co-Requisites: Public Lands or Natural Resources Law or by instructor permission.

Meets A or B Writing Requirement.