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Law of Columbia River Seminar

  • Offered occasionally

This course surveys numerous environmental, legal, and institution problems concerning the use and management of the Columbia Basin’s natural resources, including its valuable Pacific salmon runs. The course includes discussion of Indian treaty fishing rights, dam building and operations, and statutes such as the Northwest Power Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and the Magnuson-Stevens Act governing ocean fishing. The course will also examine the creation and management of the nation’s largest national scenic area in the Columbia River Gorge and the successful efforts to remove several dams to restore fish runs.

Students will write a law review-style paper, which can satisfy either of the law school’s writing requirements. A goal of this class is to produce papers of publishable quality.  In addition to writing a paper, students are expected to make a class presentation on their paper, attend all class sessions, and participate in class discussions.