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Water Policy Seminar

  • Offered occasionally

This two-credit course provides an introduction to the major themes and doctrines of water law. In the first third of the course, we will explore the major doctrines of private water allocation in the eastern and western United States-riparian rights, prior appropriations, and hybrid permit systems. In the second third of the course, we will explore topics of special analytical interest to water law, including groundwater management, constitutional issues, the public trust doctrine, and interjurisdictional water conflicts. In the final third, students will present their research projects, which will culminate in a 20-page final paper.

As a true seminar, the course will rely heavily on student leadership and collaborative teaching throughout the semester (more details are available in the syllabus, which will be placed on reserve at the library). Final grades will be based on final papers (50%) and class participation (50%).

The Capstone writing requirement may be fulfilled by 15 students with professor permission.