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CJ: Comparative Criminal Law & Procedure Seminar

  • Typically offered every other year
Description: This seminar will compare the history, jurisprudence, and specific practices of the criminal justice system in the United States with the system in England and with the “Continental” model used in Europe, Latin American, and much of the rest of the world. We will also look briefly at approaches used in some non-Western systems. Students will choose a particular topic in criminal procedure as the focus of their paper or papers and class presentation and will compare the approach to that issue in one or more other systems with the approach taken in the United States. A limited number of students will be able to fulfill the WIE requirement by writing two shorter papers on assigned topics relevant to their chosen focus. Students must choose two short papers or one long paper as the method of evaluation.

With professor permission: Two short papers will qualify for the WIE writing requirement. One long paper will qualify for the Capstone writing requirement