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The Law of Global Labor Markets Seminar

  • Typically offered every other year
Limit: 16 students

Description: This seminar focuses on the evolving law relevant to world-wide labor markets. Minimum international labor standards issues will be discussed (including child labor, forced labor, denial of organizing rights, and free association, and discrimination). Regional labor standards under such arrangements as the European Union treaties and the North American Free Trade Agreement will be studied. Additionally, some comparative labor and employment law issues applicable in transnational arrangements and arising from the law of nation-states will be studied. Extra-territorial application of U.S. laws abroad will also be taken up, as well as international employment arbitration and other issues relating to dispute resolution.

As to seminar requirements, a paper will be required of each student in lieu of an exam. This paper may satisfy either the Capstone or the Writing Intensive Experience (WIE) requirement. Additionally, students will make class presentations. Attendance and participation in class discussion will constitute significant factors, along with the papers and presentations, in grades.

Meets the Capstone or WIE writing requirement

Law Courses Catalog

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