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International Law

Global Law Careers Database

  • Promotes development of the rule of law in a number of countries; focus on anti-corruption initiatives, war crimes, and human rights. Website

    Based in the U.S. with programs focusing on International and Human Rights in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Broad initiative of the ABA focused on a wide range of human rights and civil liberties issues, including LGBT rights, international and women’s and children’s rights, immigrant rights, etc. Website

    Located in Washington, D.C. with a focus on Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

  • Fellowship provides a research grant to conduct a year of research on a humanities issue in China. For faculty only. Website

    Legal studies research in China.

  • Organization advises the UN Economic and Social Council and documents human rights violations. Website

    Human rights in Palestine

  • One of the largest organizations focusing on civil liberties, with offices across the country including several in the Pacific Northwest. Website

    Nationwide U.S. organization focusing on civil Liberties, LGBT rights, anti-discrimination immigration rights, speech and privacy rights.

  • ARC works with victims of war and oppression in seven countries. Website

    Located in Minneapolis, MN and focusing on refugee issues and assistance.