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Stefanie Pickard is the director of the law school bookstore. She can order your textbooks for you. Be sure to put your orders in no later than one month before classes start so books can be available to students at least one week before classes. If you are using your own materials for all or a portion of the course they need to be copied here and sold through the bookstore. To get copies of materials made, give them to your assigned faculty legal assistant. The materials must be received at least two weeks before classes start in order to get them copied and available at the bookstore. Many faculty supplement the assigned book for a class with course packs of varying length, as well as the occasional short handout for distribution in class. The rule of thumb is that if the course pack is longer than 20 pages, it should be sold to students at cost through the Bookstore. 

Computing Services

Computing Services staff is available to assist you in setting up your email account or with other technology and/or media needs. Starting Fall 2015 Computing Services is also responsible for our telephone system, so contact them with questions about your phone or to receive a long distance calling code.

The computing services staff are best reached by email:, and all emails to individual IT staff also should be copied to that address. Everyone in computing services checks email quite frequently. The department “hotline” phone number is 503-768-6644. Please be aware that even urgent requests can take up to several hours for response.

Copy Center Services

Any photocopying you need to do can be done in the Duplicating Center, located on the top floor of the Legal Research Center where the faculty offices and student lounge are located. The center operates on a self-serve basis. Large copy jobs could be arranged ahead of time with Computing Services (  Large “same day” copy jobs cannot be guaranteed.

If you are interested in having some library material photocopied (e.g., a journal article), e-mail your request to, and someone will have it copied and delivered to your mailbox in the faculty lounge (or sent to you electronically).


The Business Services office handles much of the financial and physical day-to-day operations of the law school. The office is located on the top floor of the Legal Research Center, in the hallway overlooking the main dining area.

Kurt Armstrong (ext. 6833 or is the main contact for physical plant matters. This includes office matters such as door keys, furniture, and temperature control. Kurt’s support staff includes Reggie Raiford (ext. 6621 or and Ben Skaggs (ext. 6620 or  They are the ones to talk to if you need audiovisual equipment (e.g., laptop and projector for PowerPoint presentation) set up in your classroom. If you plan to make regular use of such a set-up, you can place a standing written request with Facilities for the semester.

David Carter, Director of Finance and Administrative Services (ext. 6732 or is the key contact for budgetary and financial matters. Budget Manager Stefanie Pickard (ext. 6801 or can also help you navigate matters of budgeting, college personnel and benefits folk.

Linda Lopeman (ext. 6899 or is  available to help with your room reservations or other event planning needs, including ordering food. For more information see the on-line Event Planning Guide. You may view a listing of events currently scheduled at the law school at the Community Calendar of Events.

A complete list of Who Does What” (PDF) in facilities is attached.

Mailroom Services

Your mailbox is located in the faculty lounge found on the first floor (which is the lowest level, at the bottom of the stairs) of the Legal Research Center. Mail is delivered to the school twice a day by Mail Services, and then sorted and distributed to the boxes. If you are looking for an expected piece of mail and it is not in your mailbox you can check for it in the duplicating center. There you will find a rolling cart with pendaflex files for each faculty member. This is where your mail is stored until delivered to your mailbox. If you have mail to deliver to another faculty you may either put it directly into the lounge mailbox or put it in the labeled pendaflex file in the rolling cart located in the duplicating center and it will be distributed by staff. This is particularly helpful when sending mail to faculty located in Wood Hall offices.


A. Registration

The transportation office at the college requires that all faculty and staff register with the school any car(s) they plan to drive to campus. If you use more than one car, you need to register both. Note that you will need to re-register your car each academic year. In order to register your car you will need to enter your Lewis & Clark ID number, which is on your check stub, or available from Human Resources at (503)768-7835.

B. Parking Permits

The college has a parking fee for those parking prior to 7:00 pm on weekdays ($5 per day if you arrive before 4:00 pm; $3 per day after 3:00 pm). Parking permits cost $43/month for the nine-month academic year, and the college Human Resources staff can provide you with a form to have this monthly charge withdrawn from your pay on a pre-tax basis. If you should forget your parking pass for any reason, your faculty legal assistant can help provide a temporary day pass.


Sara Chambers (x6603 or serves as the law school receptionist. The reception desk handles a variety of services. At the desk, you can buy stamps, get change, get the materials you need for FedEx packages (or have Sara complete the forms for you), send or receive faxes, and take delivery of packages from FedEx, UPS, etc. Sara’s standard practice is to call you when you receive a fax or delivery package; if you want these things handled in some other way, let her know. Faxes arriving overnight are distributed with the morning mail. Sara can show you where to put faxes that you need to have sent out, where the original will be after it is sent, and where you can check for incoming faxes.

Staff Support

Each faculty member is assigned one of our faculty legal assistants. That person will be your main “point person” for all your office support. You can request any of the services you need from them, and they will route it to the proper party and follow up to make sure it gets done. You may also go directly to any of the other staff on the “What Do You Need” list if that is more convenient. Evening assistants Andy Marion (ext. 6790 or and Ronna Craig (ext. 6716 or are available until 6:00 p.m. Contact Doreen Corwin (x6852 or, support staff supervisor, if your faculty assistant is not available.

A list titled “What Do You Need” is included at the end of these paragraphs. In it we try to list all the kinds of things you might need and the people you can call for help with those needs. If you don’t see what you need on that list, call Doreen Corwin, Director of Faculty Services. Her phone number is 503-768-6852 and e-mail address is

Associate Dean of Faculty: One of your main contacts for questions and assistance will be John Parry, the Associate Dean for Faculty, or his assistant, Doreen Corwin. John can be reached at 503-768-6888 or and Doreen at 503-768-6852 or

Registrar: One office you will deal with often is the Registrar’s office. The registrar’s staff consists of Seneca Gray, Registrar, Brooke Mill, Assistant Registrar; and Linda Quandt, Records and Special Projects Coordinator. Any of them can be reached by calling (503) 768-6614 or 6615. The registrar’s office will be communicating with you both by e-mail and through your mailbox regarding many things throughout the year. Examination information and so on will be put in your mailbox and/or sent to you by e-mail. The registrar’s office has a web page that includes the course descriptions, the student handbook (What’s What), email contact for the registrar’s office and various forms, and lists of deadlines found at .

The complete “What Do You Need” (PDF) list is attached.