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2012 Cannabis Law Reform Conference

Date: 1:00pm - 5:00pm PST February 25, 2012 Location: Lewis & Clark Law School, McCarty Complex, Classrooms 2 & 3

Lewis & Clark Law School, McCarty Complex, Classrooms 2 & 3

Currently, Oregon has three initiative campaigns competing for signatures, fundraising, and volunteers, all hoping to qualify for the November ballot; the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA), Sensible Oregon, and Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement (I-24).

In order to propel the Oregon marijuana legalization movement forward, Oregon’s SSDP chapters have come together to host the 2012 Cannabis Law Reform Conference on February 25th here at our own Lewis & Clark Law School campus.

During the conference, Oregon SSDP will put on a neutral, non-confrontational debate between the initiatives in order to educate the public and Oregon’s SSDP members about the different aspects of each campaign.

Whether you have been involved in SSDP or not thus far, if you desire a world free from cannabis prohibition where farmers may grow hemp, entrepreneurs may utilize hemp to create up to 50,000 different products, students may no longer worry of suspension or denial of scholarships because of marijuana, and consumers may fuel legitimate, legal businesses, come. Come and learn. Come and participate. Come and engage.

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