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Environmental Law Caucus

Cartesian Eco-FemDarkanism

Date: 12:00pm PDT April 1, 2010 Location: Room 2

Did you ever think you’re A writing requirement could lead to a collaborative, multi-media project you might perform at an art gallery?  Did you consider citation to photography, poetry, and such authorities as Yoda, Eddie Vedder, Maynard James Keenan, Descartes, Darwin, Wendell Berry, and the Dalai Lama?  It isn’t too far beyond the pale.

NEDC and ELC are proud to present Cartesian Eco-FemDarkanism, a lunchtime lecture-exhibit based on an innovative law review article by 2007 Lewis and Clark Law School graduate, Troy Payne, who offers one of the most groundbreaking assessments of the intersections of law, culture, and environmental ethics since Christopher Stone’s seminal 1972 article, Should Trees Have Standing.

The exhibit is performed by Black Lantern Synergy—an intellectual and creative collective dedicating to advancing a fresh, accessible, and persuasive message of environmentalism rooted in natural experience—and offers a relevant, timely examination of human thought about the environment and a unique invitation to reconsider humanity’s relationship to Nature.

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