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Federalist Society Symposium Info Meeting

Date: 12:00pm PST January 17, 2013 Location: Erskine B. Wood Hall Lezak Seminar Room

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    University of Texas, Austin Federalist Society

Erskine B. Wood Hall Lezak Seminar Room

Federalist Society: Spring Student Symposium Information Meeting

Yee haw y’all! This year’s Federalist Society Student Symposium takes intrepid Lewis and Clark students the Austin Texas March 1 and 2 (we will return the evening of the 3rd, so there will be some exploring of Austin possible!). This year’s symposium theme is “The Federal Leviathan: Is There Any Area of Modern Life to Which Federal Government Power Does Not Extend?” From the Organizers of the Symposium this year:

To explore these questions we will examine the role government plays and the goals it has tried to achieve in the areas of civil rights, the criminal law, and the environment. We will examine both what it did initially and how these efforts have developed over the years. We will discuss various complaints about “crony capitalism,” “strings attached to federal money,” and the problems linked to entitlements. All of these greatly increase dependence on the federal government and concomitantly its power. But are the powers exercised here simply the necessary component of providing our citizens vital services which will otherwise not be offered in a fair and reliable manner? And finally, while this conference is focused to a large degree on the federal government, it will also explore how many of these problems are just as serious or more serious at the state level. In other words, in each of the areas touched on by our panels, is the problem a federal government problem or a challenge posed by government at any level?

The Lewis and Clark Chapter has TRAVEL FUNDS earmarked for attendees of this conference, and there are also scholarships available from the national Federalist Society! Please join us to find out more about this exciting opportunity! We will also briefly review the other events happening during the spring semester!

Where: Lezak Seminar
When: 17 January at 12:10

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