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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Student - Attorney Roundtable Lunch

Date: 12:10pm - 1:00pm PDT February 25 PST Location: Lewis & Clark Law School: Wood Hall, Room 8

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Lewis & Clark Law School: Wood Hall, Room 8

This month, join NCVLI Executive Director Meg Garvin, for the discussion “Privacy in the Age of Social Media.”


For victims of crime, privacy “is like oxygen; it is a pervasive, consistent need at every step of recovery.” Despite this, victims are often put to a choice: report a crime and participate in the justice system but sacrifice one’s privacy in things such as Facebook, Google searches, diaries, text messages, and medical/psychological records, OR opt out of the system and maintain one’s privacy.  This Hobson choice is unnecessary; when legal arguments are made that adequately account for victims’ rights, we can protect victim privacy and ensure that defendants’ constitutional rights are protected. 


This roundtable will discuss recent case law on privacy in the civilian and military systems, and walk students through useful motion practice examples when faced with subpoenas for private information.

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