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Environmental Law Caucus

Food Day Celebration

Date: 12:00pm PDT October 24, 2011

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Legal Research Center

On Monday, October 24, L&C Law School will host a lunchtime speaker in honor of FOOD DAY. Cathy McQueeney of Friends of Family Farmers, will speak about the challenges and opportunities that independent farmers face in practicing sustainable and responsible small-scale agriculture - and how they get the delicious food they produce TO YOUR PLATE
  • What does it cost to produce safe food in a sustainable way? 
  • What are farmers’ biggest barriers to producing real food that can be accessible to everyone? 
  • Specifically, what are some legal restrictions and hurdles these farmers have to negotiate? 
  • How do these operations fit into our current food system? 
  • What are groups like Friends of Family Farmers doing to advocate for change?
We’ll serve a potluck lunch at 12pm in the LRC. We’ll prepare some delicious, vegan-friendly food for the event, but would love it if YOU brought YOUR favorite real food dish to share. Vegetarian or non, vegan or gluten free - whatever it is, please cook and eat with us on Monday! 
Will you join us? Will you bring a dish? We hope so.  Please come and enjoy some delicious real food family style - and make the connection with the source of your sustenance! 
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