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Law School Registrar

LAW: Individual Research Registration

Lewis & Clark Law students must use this form to register for an Individual Research, LAW-702.

The electronic receipt of your request with your LC ID number and LC email account listed will take the place of your signature. 

You must indicate if you are registering for a 1-semester Individual Research or a 2-semester Individual Research.

Please be sure you have fully read and understand the Individual Research course description.

Enter as Last Name, First Name. Include nickname if appropriate.
If your faculty supervisor is an adjunct professor, then you must have prior approval from the Associate Dean of Faculty. Be sure to get such approval before submitting this form with the name of an adjunct professor.
Typically, an Individual Research will be for 1 or 2 credits. However, if you are writing a Capstone or WIE via an Individual Research, then it must be for at least 2 credits. You may do it for 3 credits if your professor approves AND if the Associate Dean of Faculty gives prior approval. Be sure to get such approval before submitting this form for 3 credits.