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Joyce Ann Harpole Scholarship Nomination

The scholarship criteria includes, but are not limited to:

1)     A delight for life, as demonstrated by a sense of balance between law school scholarship, fellow students, and personal life;

2)     Camaraderie with and thoughtfulness of others;

3)     Principled and clear advocacy in academic and Law School community issues;

4)     Diligence in all things; and,

5)     Overall personal and academic integrity.


Nominations should include at least one paragraph about each of the above criteria, including examples when possible.

Nominations must be submitted by fellow students. Nominees must be current 2L or evening 3L students.  The scholarship will be used for tuition relief during the recipient’s final year at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Please write your nomination thoughtfully and thoroughly. Poorly written or incomplete nominations will not pass the initial screening.

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