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Silvia Tanner

December 20, 2011

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My background:

I graduated from college with a major in economics. After graduation, I worked as a research analyst for a local energy consulting firm, and developed an interest in energy law and public utility law. My goal is getting into an area of law that has something to do with economics.

Portland has been my home for several years. I really enjoy life in this city as well as the opportunities to explore the natural outside in the Pacific Northwest.

Why I chose Lewis & Clark:

I chose to attend Lewis & Clark because it has an excellent academic reputation, it is challenging but also actively encourages a cooperative and collegial atmosphere, and because of its location.

Advice for those making final decisions on law schools:

The school’s academic reputation and opportunities to gain practical experience should have a large impact in your final law school choice. Since school will be a large part of your life, I also advise you to consider whether the law school has a structure in place to help you succeed while keeping some balance in your life. You will spend a lot of time with your classmates and future colleagues, so you the kind atmosphere encouraged by the school is very important.

Hardest adjustment to law school:

For me, the hardest thing about adjusting to law school was learning to allocate my time efficiently enough so that I would not neglect other important parts of my life, like spending time with my kids. With so much work to do and so many interesting events and opportunities available around campus, school can take a large amount of time. Efficiency is key.

My recommendations around campus and Portland:

1. Portland is 1.5 hours from the Oregon coast, 1 hour from the mountains, and 4 hours from the dessert.  Nature in this state is breathtaking and there is a lot of it.  If you have no time to go out, the city has very large and beautiful parks.

2. There are many beautiful spots in the library and in study rooms with beautiful views. 

3. Portland has a thriving food scene and many of the restaurants are within a student’s reach.  Downtown is filled with food carts that offer delicious food from all over the world. 

4. For those who enjoy tasty beer, the city has many great micro-breweries that often sell beer made with local hops from the Willamette or the Hood River valleys. 

5. The Saturday Market downtown offers a wide array of locally produce crafts. Also, there several farmer’s markets were one can find great treats.  In the summer and early food, the local produce available is delicious.    

6. This city is great for those who enjoy commuting by bike or just getting somewhere by bike occasionally. There are many bike lines throughout town and the city actively tries to improve the safety and convenience of going by bike.  Some of our Professors commute by bike. 

A little something else I’ll share:

A book that I read before beginning the semester talked about preparing oneself for other students hiding assignments from each other and otherwise trying to push each other down.  While this may be true somewhere, Lewis and Clark has been nothing like that. Students compete through hard work and try to help each other do well.

Also, the school works closely with the Oregon State Bar, other schools in the area, and local organizations to promote a collegial atmosphere inside of the school as well as in the profession.






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