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Chris Moulder

January 26, 2012

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My background:

I am currently a manager in the applied research department at a medical device company and responsible for developing new technologies for future pacemakers and other implantable devices. I did not want to end my engineering career in order to attend school so I am continuing my job while studying during the evenings. I enjoy my work and get to develop life saving technologies that make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Activities I’m involved in:

During the semester my three favorite activities are eating, sleeping and studying/working. Actually they are my only activities.

During breaks I enjoy hiking, spending time with my family, and working on my house.

My favorite class at L&C (so far):

My favorite class has to be Torts I. First of all Prof. Drummonds was an excellent teacher. But I also was amazed at some of the things that happen to people and what they sue about. Torts is a class that makes you think about everything that happens around you and how much negligence there really is.

Why law school:

I currently work at an international medical technology company and am involved in research and development. I am also frequently exposed to intellectual property law but wanted to be more central in its development. A law degree will allow me to assist the company in business dealings with physicians, regulatory problems, and develop IP from inception to prosecution.

Why L&C:

The primary reason I chose L&C was because it is only a few miles from my work. But it is also a highly respected institution with a well-ranked IP law degree. Plus it is the only school to have a library that is designated as a patent and trademark depository. I visited L&C several times during the spring semester and summer and really liked what I saw. The professors and staff were extremely nice and accommodating. I’ve heard horror stories of other schools but the faculty really do care about students here.

The hardest adjustment in law school:

I work full-time and now also study full-time. The hardest thing to do was removing all those little distractions that prevented me from studying. During the semester I only work and study and have little time for anything else. The reading volume is immense and takes much more time than I had anticipated. Coming from an engineering background I was also not used to problems with no real solutions. Law evolves and interpretations change, unlike differential equations circuit theory.

My Portland favorites:

Portland Timbers – RCTID!

Voodoo Doughnuts – the best doughnuts in town, but line up early!

Hiking around Mt. Hood – pristine wilderness that the dogs love.

Food carts – who needs restaurants when the best food around comes from carts?

Pok Pok restaurant – the best Vietnamese fish sauce wings in town.

Saburo Sushi – the largest portions I have ever seen.












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