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Student Bar Association

Diversity Committee

February 23, 2012

1. Briefly, what were the responsibilities of your position?

I attend a monthly meeting with the other members of the diversity committee, comprised of professors and staff members as well as the other student Diversity Committee reps from SBA. Each meeting covers a large array of topics all in regards to promoting diversity at the law school. We look to organize events, host speakers and draft policies for the students and faculty of the law school. Examples include faculty round-tables, movie screenings and diversity focus groups/panels.

2. What was your total time commitment for both internal and external committees?

The monthly meeting is roughly an hour and a half but there is additional time spent communicating via e-mail and attending various functions that we have planned. I don’t anticipate it is more than 4-5 hours a month, though.

3. What were the benefits of your experience?

Like my other position, I get to positively influence the law school by potentially increasing and promoting diversity awareness. I also get to interact regularly with faculty and staff and build relationships.