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Student Bar Association

Faculty Appointments Committee (2 positions)

February 27, 2012

Nathan Morales


Personal Statement:
Prior to attending law school, I worked at various jobs in positions which required me to learn and participate in the hiring process (from both sides). As a result, my experiences have exposed me to the advantages and flaws of the traditional interviewing and application gathering framework. I am, therefore, uniquely suited to participate and attempt to improve our current hiring methods. Additionally, I (like us all) have a vested personal interest in the value of my law degree. This interest does not end upon graduation, Ensuring that Lewis & Clark continues to acquire teaching talent suitable to (what I believe are) our academic goals, will hopefully increase our pride and recognition in a JD from the best law school in the Pacific Northwest.

As stated above, I first would like to take a look at out current hiring processes, and confirm that they look at potential applicants in a way which enables Lewis & Clark to attract the best possible talent. Additionally, I want to ensure that our voices (as students) reach new faculty before they take a step in the front door. Specifically, I want to establish that faculty applicants must understand the current atmosphere of legal education and, most importantly, changes occurring within it. I would like any new faculty members to arrive with fresh ideas on how to change legal education and make it work for students graduating today, not ten years ago.


Victor Reuther


Personal Statement:
As a IL at L&C I have come to appreciate the importance of having effective, approachable, and engaging professors.  If elected as a member of the Faculty Appointments Committee, I will work diligently to identify strong candidates whose passion for teaching students is commensurate with their fascination of law.  I strongly believe students should play an integral role in determining who is appointed a member of our faculty.  In years past, I have served on several committees, e.g., City of Arcata Committee on Democracy and Corporations (Vice-Chair), Student Grievance Committee, Associated Students Presents Committee.  It would be an honor and pleasure to represent the student body on the Faculty Appointments Committee.

I would greatly appreciate your vote.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at  Thank you.

Goal:  To preserve L&C’s quality of education through closely vetting candidate applications and making informed recommendations on behalf of the student body.  I strive to leave matters better than the way they were left to me.