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Student Bar Association

Transportation Parking Advisory Committee

February 29, 2012

Althea Mickiewicz


Personal Statement:
I am really into transportation policy.  I bike, run, bus, and carpool, as well as occasionally drive, to campus - so I could represent most student interests.  In the past, I have worked with university facilities management to study and improve transportation/parking services and I would like to work with transportation policy in the future.

I would to make sure the the parking policy is well communicated to students and that the PIO shuttle schedule is convenient for students throughout the day, working with both the Law School Shuttle and TriMet bus service.


Megan Kent

Personal Statement:
I am the current law student representative for the campus-wide Transportation Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC). The committee is composed of faculty, staff and students from all three campuses. This year we began developing a long-term sustainable transportation plan for the L&C community. The impetus for the long-term plan was a series of transportation problems we identified as significant concerns for L&C.
As a result, I have an in-depth understanding of the various needs and challenges facing our community. I would like to continue as the SBA representative on TPAC in order to continue to address these issues.

I would like to continue to serve as the law student representative for TPAC to ensure that law student’s transportation needs are heard and addressed.