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Brittany Medlin

April 20, 2012

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My Background:

After graduating from Villanova with a history degree, I didn’t quite know what to do with my time, so I got a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. That degree led me to Hanover, NH where I spent three years as a Community Director at Dartmouth College. In that position, I supervised 4 residential buildings which were home to about 400 first-year college students. I eventually grew weary of living with 18 year olds and headed off to Portland and Lewis & Clark.

A meaningful experience at L&C outside the classroom:

One of the most meaningful academic experiences I’ve had this year is the countless hours spent with my study group. Through trying to make sense of first year classes, we have witnessed and been a part of many important moments in each other’s lives, academically and otherwise. Some of my best law school moments this year have been in their presence and as a result they are no longer just classmates, but great friends.

Why law school:

I’ve always heard this legend about how hard the first year of law school is, but never really knew what to make of it, so I thought I’d give it my best shot. Kidding. Well, kind of. I decided to come to law school because I wanted to go back to school as full-fledged adult. Also, I wanted a degree that was really versatile so that I have a wide variety of career options when I graduate.

Advice for students making their final law school choices:

Pick the law school in the place where you want to live. Studying law can be overwhelming at times, so it is really important to have places to escape to. The city of Portland has been my oasis countless times this year. Wherever you go, make sure you are going to like where you live.

The hardest thing about adjusting to law school:

The hardest thing about adjusting to law school (but the best thing about law school) is being around so many people facing the same obstacles. People like to joke about the comparisons between law school and high school, but the analogy isn’t far off. I have not been in such close academic and social proximity to so many peers in a while and it’s definitely taken some getting used to.

 My Top-Ten list for L&C:

1.  Career Services has delicious treats every Wednesday that you don’t have to know someone to get

2.  There are single bathrooms by the professors’ offices in the LRC

3. Anyone can use the showers in Gantenbein (not just the bikers)

4.  It’s always cold in classroom 2 – bring a sweater or gloves

5.  The ping pong table in the LRC is a great way to blow off some steam 6.  Professors generally like it when you pet their dogs, so don’t be shy

7.  The bookstore sells all sorts of unexpected things (like single manila folders when it comes time for oral argument)

8.  Wood Hall is open 24 hours

9.  Take advantage of the free lunches – everyone wins!

10.  Drinking free beer at lunch should be considered more thoughtfully than eating the free lunch.


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