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Legal Ecology Malheur Field Station 565-S2 Canceled

October 16, 2012

High Desert Ecological Research Institute – two credits. July 8-July 14.

Departs from Portland on Monday, July 8 and returns to Portland on Sunday, July 14. This class is based at Malheur Field Station in southeastern Oregon’s high desert. Daily field trips will visit a variety of ecosystem types, including a desert wetland in Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge, a ponderosa pine forest, shrub-steppe grasslands in Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, and alpine habitat at 10,000ft. elevation on top of Steens Mountain.

This course provides an introduction to basic ecosystem function and the legal regimes that govern ecosystems and their components. Topics include the intersection between science and law in formulating and implementing natural resources policy and ecosystem management, aquatic ecology and water management, conservation biology and wildlife law, forest ecology and regulation, and other aspects of terrestrial ecology and natural resources law. The class is taught jointly by a law professor and Ph.D. ecologist.

The class meets for six consecutive days and travels to beautiful natural areas in southeastern Oregon. The course combines classroom lectures and discussion with field investigations at a wide variety of sites of ecological and/or cultural significance. Class participants will also hear presentations from people in the public and private sectors directly involved in making decisions about how to manage vast areas of land and its wildlife, water, and natural resources. 

No exam; evaluation in the class is based on an in-class group project and presentation, as well as an individual memo arising out of the class project (due two weeks after the class ends)

Tuition includes lodging in dormitories, meals, and van transportation from Portland to the field station and back (approximately seven hours each way) as well as to locations in the field. The field investigations involve some hiking over rough terrain, but we do not camp out overnight. Please notify instructors if you need special accommodations.

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Legal Ecology Malheur Field Station  565-S2   Canceled
Professor: Daniel Rohlf & David Dobkin
2 credits
July 8 -14
Class held offsite
No Exam
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