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International Law

Dean Klonoff meets with the former First Lady of Republic of Korea

November 26, 2012

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On November 17th, Dean Robert Klonoff returned from an extensive tour of Asia that included meetings with alumni in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Seoul. He brought exciting reports for the Law School’s faculty and students about potential partnerships with prestigious institutions in China, great demand for Lewis & Clark Law externs, and warm reunions with alumni and the Law School’s partners at Kangwon University in Korea.

Although his trip had many high points, none compared to his meeting with Madame Lee Hee-Ho, former First Lady of the Republic of Korea. Madame Lee is the wife of the late President Kim Dae-Jung, a leader often referred to as the “Nelson Mandela of Asia” for his dedication to democratic reform, peace, and opposition to authoritarian rule.

“Madame Lee continues the work that her husband started for world peace,” Klonoff said. “She is a giant in her own right.”

Madame Lee hosted Klonoff for tea at her personal residence in Seoul, followed by a guided tour of the Kim Dae-Jung Presidential Library & Museum.

“The museum reflects the extraordinary career of President Kim Dae-Jung, who rightly deserves his place as one of the great peacemakers of all time,” said Klonoff.