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Admissions Question: September 1

September 01, 2013

Q: When can I apply to Lewis & Clark Law School?

A: Like most law schools, Lewis & Clark only allows new students to start in the fall, so the best time to apply is in the fall the year before you wish to attend. Lewis & Clark starts taking applications on October 1.  The time you apply is important, but even more important is to get your application complete in a timely manner – that means that all required items are received by the law school.  Files are not read before all materials are in, so if your application file is not complete, it will be sitting on the shelf while other applicants, who might have applied earlier, may already have decisions in their hands!  In any case, getting your file complete by the end of the year is the safest, but at the very latest you’ll want to have your file complete by the school’s priority deadline (March 15th for Lewis & Clark). After that competition is at its greatest and the class may even be full by the time your file is read.  (Note that schools with early action or decision will have earlier application periods and deadlines.)