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June 12, 2013

Students considering the Loyola Patent Interview Program next year should check out this webinar.


Wednesday, June 12, at 12:00 p.m. CST will be a web brief entitled “Maximizing Your Job Search with PLIP 2013.” Katharine Patterson of Patterson-Davis Consulting and Mark Dighton, Director of Law School Relations for the Practising Law Institute and Administrative Director of their Patent Bar Course.

We will discuss:

  • Why students should consider attending the Patent Law Interview Program, even if they don’t get the number of interviews that they were expecting.
  • After students receive their preliminary interview schedule, what comes next?
  • What research students should do on the firms with which they got interviews.
  • When will students find out exactly who will be interviewing them, and what do they do then?
  • What materials should students prepare to bring with you to the Patent Program?
  • How does the Patent Program work?
  • How does the Patent Program fit into your students’ bigger job-prospecting gameplans?

Listeners will be able to submit questions via email, and we will answer questions either at the end of the briefing or individually by email after. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the Patent Law Interview Program!

Sign up for the web briefing at:

For anyone who cannot listen in live, an archive of the program will be available on PLI’s website about two weeks after its live date. That still leaves plenty of time before the program to take full advantage of the advice offered here.

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