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Law Summer Session

NEPA 947-S1

June 26, 2013


Class Title: NEPA 947-S1
Instructor:  Weis
Test Date:   Unscheduled, Available July 1 ONLY

Exam Type:   Non-Secure


Non-Secure = The exam-taker has access to all computer files and to the Internet.


Non-Secure Exam (Student can access internet and computer files)
List of Additional Materials Allowed During Exam

All class materials, including text,and materials posted on class TWEN site. Can be brought in as hard copies or accessed on computer or TWEN site. All notes prepared by student. Students may access the Internet via the class TWEN site to access class materials, but not the Internet generally.


Copy and Paste: The student may NOT copy and paste material into the exam


Special Exam Instructions:

Three hours in length. No word, character or page limits in answers. Essay, no multiple choice.