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Small Business Legal Clinic

Ken Katzaroff, SBLC Intern Spring 2013/ Student Director Fall 2013

December 09, 2013

The SBLC provides a fantastic opportunity for both law students and the community. I spent two semesters at the SBLC, one as an intern and another as the Student Director. Both semesters gave me valuable practice in the skills I learned at school, and put me in front of small business owners who truly needed my help as they struggled to better themselves and their businesses.


While the experience I gained was invaluable, I think that the SBLC’s impact on the community is incalculable. The SBLC provides a foundation where aspiring attorneys can learn the value and impact of pro bono services. But more importantly, SBLC provides services to a vastly underserved marketplace; offering support to businesses as they struggle to compete, grow, and navigate through complex business and legal issues.


I highly recommend the SBLC to both law students interested in business law, and business that are facing challenges and need legal counsel.