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Crim Pro I 017-PB Mid-Term

February 18, 2014


Class Title: Criminal Procedure I  017-PB Mid-Term
Instructor:  Mandiberg
Test Date:  Thursday February 20, 2:25pm, rooms 1 & 2


Exam Type: Secure  


Secure Exam (Student has no access to computer files or internet)
List of Hard Copy Materials Allowed During Exam

All hard copy materials are allowed, including but not limited to casebook, commercial study aids, and outlines prepared by the student or (with permission) others.


Copy and Paste: The student may NOT copy and paste material into the exam


Special Exam Instructions:

This is a scantron-graded multiple-choice and true/false exam. All students must fill the scantron sheets out using pencil. Computers and other electronic devices are not allowed for this exam for any reason.