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Food & Wine Law Society

The Food & Wine Law Society mission is to develop passion for quality food & wine through thoughtful discussion, research & awareness of the food & wine industry’s legal issues, challenges, business operations, regulations & policies. To achieve these goals, FWLS hosts catered lunch events & wine tastings, with academics, legal & business professionals who are experts in the field of food & wine law, and/or in the agriculture business. These events are catered by & feature local businesses & wineries that are active in promoting ethical, sustainable, & quality food & wine products.


FWLS Goals

  • Explore the above through a series of events designed to enlighten and entertain the community.
  • Develop an orientation guide to planning a curriculum in Food and Wine Law.
  • Create a resource for food and wine law research.
  • Find kindred alums working in the many opportunities in and sectors of the food and wine industries.
  • Help to develop and publicize career options to give full expression to the L&C Law school experience.
  • Serve as a source of news and reviews of the intersection of law and the food and wine industries from the Supreme Court to State courts, from news outlets to blogging information.