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ALR at the Animal Rights Conference

July 10, 2016

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The Animal Rights National Conference featured over a 100 animal advocacy organizations from around the world, and it only made sense that Animal Law Review represent both the journal and Lewis & Clark’s distinguished Animal Law Program to the thousands of visitors who flocked to L.A. for the event. Discussions at the ALR table ranged from “What is this ‘Animal Law’ you speak of?” to debates over the logistics behind animal liberation in modern society.  Attending the Conference allowed ALR to reach out to thousands of people and showcase the legal system as an important tool for advancing non-human animals’ interests. 

The journal was honored to be a part of this important event that brought together animal rights leaders from around the world and surely invigorated hundreds or thousands of the animal advocates in attendance. It is always refreshing to spend time surrounded by people who share a belief that animals deserve respect and dignity commensurate with their place as fellow beings here on planet Earth.

ALR hopes that the ARNC continues to serve as a meeting place for advocates and a breeding ground for new ideas and strategies in the pursuit of animal rights.  

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