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Earthrise at PIELC!

February 22, 2017

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Just can’t get enough of Earthrise Law Center? Come see us at the 2017 Public Interest Environmental  Law Conference. Attorneys will be hosting panels, details below. 


Friday, March 3

Panel 3
10:05-11:20 AM

Hear the Olympics: a Quiet Park? (EMU 145: Crater Lake South)*

The value of natural sounds in a national park, the threats posed by expanded Navy jet warfare training, and problems of fragmented and inadequate NEPA analysis and public review.

Panelists: Ryan Shannon, Earthrise Law Center; Rob Smith, National Parks Conservation Association


Panel 4
2:20-3:35 PM

Unduly Restricted Administrative Records and How to Fight Them (LAW 175)*

Despite the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) requirement for judicial review of agency action on the “whole record,” federal agencies sometimes provide extremely restricted versions of the administrative record, leaving environmental plaintiffs hamstrung to make their case. This panel will review the historic and recent case law on the scope of an administrative record and emerging trends in this area. We will also review the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and agencies’ use of the deliberative process privilege to avoid disclosure of documents, including litigation to obtain documents that are often the backbone of an administrative record in later litigation. Panelists will also discuss recent battles with agencies that failed to produce the “whole record,” including wins and losses, and provide strategies for securing the best record possible to ensure your case has a full and fair hearing.

Panelists: Amy van Saun, Attorney, Center for Food Safety; Jamie Saul, Assistant Clinical Professor & Staff Attorney, Earthrise Law Center; Tom Buchele, Clinical Professor & Managing Attorney, Earthrise Law Center; Tessa Chillemi, Earthrise Law Student



Saturday, March 4

Panel 8
2:20-3:35 PM

Current & Future Assaults on the ESA’s Ability to Protect Species (LAW 282)*

There is no question that the current administration will launch an assault on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the animals it protects. This includes going after the blanket prohibition on take of threatened species, trying to justify additional trophy hunting of exotic animals at home and abroad, and making legislative adjustments to the language and interpretation of the ESA. Panelists will discuss past, present, and future exploitation of animals under the ESA, recent petitions filed to undermine the prohibition on take of threatened species, and recent legislative attacks on the ESA in Congress.

Panelists: Tara Zuardo, Wildlife Attorney, Animal Welfare Institute; Dan Rohlf, Professor of Law & Of Counsel, Earthrise Law Center, Lewis and Clark Law School; Noah Greenwald, Endangered Species Director, Center for Biological Diversity; Jamie Pang, Endangered Species Campaigner & Policy Specialist, Center for Biological Diversity