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Paul L. Boley Law Library

Top 8 Things to Watch, Read, Listen To & Do This Weekend (10.27.17)

October 27, 2017

Boley library staff (and friends of the library!) and students are brimming with ideas on what you should watch, read, and listen to this weekend!

Read on for our recommendations and reviews.

What to Watch:

What to Read: 

  • Borne (available via Summit)
    “Love this book about the challenges of parenting in a biotech dystopia.” 
  • The Enchanted (available via Summit)
    The author “was a capital crimes team investigator when I worked at Metropolitan Public Defender, and she wrote this magically dark novel about death row inmates and the enchanted world within the prison.”

What to Do:

  • Super Mario Odyssey
    “Mario-meets-Homer. What more do you need?”
  • Download the HQ Trivia app
    Play live trivia along with 10,000 other people. Addicting, difficult, and you might even win some money! 

What to Listen To: 

  • The Adventure Zone Podcast
    “It’s hilarious and heartfelt and the campaign they just wrapped up was my favorite narrative in any medium I’ve consumed in quite some time. Make sure you listen from the beginning!”
  • Sasquatch Chronicles Podcast
    “Locally produced podcast where people of all walks of life recount their fascinating and often frightening encounters with the cryptid known as Bigfoot.”
  • Margo Price, All American Made
    “It’s country. I don’t even like country. But I love this.”

Special thanks to this week’s contributors, including Mari Cheney, Jim Kite, Yvon Kozma, Ryan Montgomery, Lydia Ruiz-Hom, Ben Skaggs, and Rob Truman.

Sasquatch Chronicles podcast cover art.