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Paul L. Boley Law Library

Top 15 Things to Watch, Read, Do & Listen To This Weekend (11.10.17)

November 09, 2017

Boley library staff (and friends of the library!) and students are brimming with ideas on what you should watch, read, and listen to this weekend!

Read on for our recommendations and reviews.

What to Watch:

  • Alias Grace
    “Only six episodes, so totally bingeable in a weekend!”
  • Orphan Black: The Final Series
    “Excellent acting, plot, character development and finale. What more could you ask for?”
  • Outlander
    “Best binge watch ever”
  • Thor: Ragnorak
    “Colorful and fun”
    “The music is amazing and the movie is super funny! The Thor/Hulk friendship is awesome!”
  • The Walking Dead
    “Catch up on the latest horrific season, all episodes free (so far)”

What to Read:

What to Listen To:

  • Heaven’s Gate (podcast)
    “In-depth look at a cult, its founders and followers, and the people they left behind”
  • More Perfect (podcast)
    “A podcast about U.S. Supreme Court? It’s really amazing (you should definitely listen to it!)”
  • A Murder on Orchard Street (podcast)
    “True crime podcast with short episodes - easy to binge listen”
  • Off Book: The Improvised Musical (podcast)
    “Two hosts and a guest improv-ing an entire musical with the help of an incredibly talented accompanist. It boggles my mind”
  • Sam Smith, The Thrill of It All (album)
    “So good, especially the song Pray, with the gorgeous gospel choir singing backup, and bonus! his carpool karaoke episode with his idols Fifth Harmony is hilarious.”

What to Do:

  • Clank!
    “Super-fun and quick-playing deck building board game”
  • Give!
    “So many great causes. Do a mitzvah and check out Willamette Week’s Give!Guide.”
  • Thread Reader
    “Rather magically helps you read a full twitter thread, 280 chars or no”


Special thanks to this week’s contributors, including MaryJo Cheek, Mari Cheney, Wendy Hitchcock, Jim Kite, Yvon Kozma, Mallory Meredith, Ryan Montgomery, Lydia Ruiz-Hom, Ben Skaggs, Laurisa Stubblefield, and Rob Truman.