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Update from the L&C Jessup Team

March 24, 2010

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 From the front lines in Washington D.C., Joe Terrenzio reports:


“Yesterday we faced two tough rounds. First, Vince and Lauren faced off
against the French National Champions. Everyone gave a solid performance,
but we all felt that we came away with a victory. Dan and Joe rose to the
challenge by the Colombian national champions, who eliminated the previous
World Championship team. The round was set to start at 7:00, but started at
least 30 minutes late, apparently one of the judges was too busy in his job
as legal adviser to Sec. State Clinton. Also in attendance in the audience
were last years two world Champions. No pressure. The round ended up being
too close to call, the judges said they could not decide who won and would
leave it up to the raw scores.

Vince and Lauren will have a final preliminary round against University of
Texas, then we find out who advances tonight.”


Great job, Team, and good luck!

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Emily Campbell