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Students Build on a Tradition of Public Service

July 28, 2010

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    Pro Bono and Community Service Award recipients Haley Farrar ’11, Adam Adkin ’11, Elliott Rector ’12, Kathryn Walter ’12, Jennifer Loda ’12, Erica Rothman ’12, Kristen Chambers ’12, and Tara Gallagher ’11.

On April 15, Lewis & Clark recognized Law School students who completed 30 or more hours of volunteer time in 2009-10 at the annual Pro Bono and Community Service Honors Lunch. Bonnie Richardson of Folawn, Alterman, and Richardson, recipient of the 2009 Multnomah Bar Association Pro Bono Award of Merit, spoke at the event on the role pro bono work plays in giving balance and greater meaning to being a lawyer.

Lewis & Clark law students reported completing 12,064 hours—or more than six full-time, year-round positions’ worth—of volunteer work during the 2009-10 school year.

Awards recognize students in two categories: law-related pro bono work and general volunteer community service work. Of the Law School’s enrolled students, 19 percent reported doing at least one hour of volunteer work during the 2009-10 school year. While attending Lewis & Clark, 21 percent of the graduating class of 2010 earned at least one Pro Bono or Community Service Award.

During her first semester of law school, Ginger Beck ’10 met a sophomore from Portland’s Franklin High School through the nonprofit Minds Matter, which connects mentors with talented high school students whose lack of resources and background hinder their ability to reach their full potential. Beck has served as an academic mentor to that high school student ever since. The mentee, who raised her GPA to 4.0 and attended summer pre-college programs at Boston University and American University, was recently accepted by Western Oregon University and plans to become the first person in her family to earn a four-year degree. Law school may follow. Beck’s own plans include taking the Oregon Bar exam and seeking work at either a criminal defense or direct legal services organization in Portland. She is a three-time recipient of the Community Service Honors Award.

This year, Adam Adkin ’11 was one of three auction directors responsible for raising funds for the student-run Public Interest Law Project (PILP) and served on the staff of the Lewis & Clark Law Review. He also received a 2010 Pro Bono Honors Award for his work with the Community Development Law Center (CDLC). The CDLC works to provide low-cost legal services and self-help training to nonprofits serving low-income people. While at CDLC, Adkin helped determine proper whistleblower policies for nonprofits. He also helped create materials to assist a nonprofit with establishing a program to make loans to low-income individuals and families. Adkin will be working full time this summer at the CDLC with the assistance of a PILP stipend. “I believe that lawyers are in a unique position to assist others,” he says, “and I take pride in being part of the student body at Lewis & Clark that has made a great showing of its commitment to serving others.”

2009-10 Pro Bono Honors

Award Recipients

Adam Adkin ’11

Kelvin Adkins-Heljeson ’11

Sara Althoff ’12

Lorraine Ater ’12

Nellie Barnard ’12

Joe Beck ’11

Valerie Berg ’11

Mark Billingsley ’10

Keir Boettcher ’11

Michael Botthof ’11

Lindsey Burrows ’11

Natalie Calta ’11

Bryan Censoni ’09

Kristen Chambers ’12

Lana Chow ’12

Sylvia Ciborowski ’12

Megan Costello ’12

Sarah Danley ’12

Brooke Davidson ’12

Elizabeth Dawson ’11

Matt Dominguez ’11

Michael Eichner ’10

Haley Farrar ’11

Jessica Flint ’11

Tara Gallagher ’11

Marcel Gesmundo ’11

Kate Grado ’11

Francie Graham ’11

Tanya Green ’11

Virginia Griffin ’11

Nate Hausman ’11

Jennifer Herbst ’11

Michael Hsu ’11

Tania Jarjur ’11

Miles Johnson ’12

Jenny Keatinge ’12

T.K. Keen ’11

Sarah Keiski ’09

Kenny Key ’12

John Koch ’11

John Krallman ’11

Bret Kravitz ’11

Elizabeth Lieberknecht ’11

Michael Liu ’11

Jennifer Loda ’12

Karen Long ’10

Ryan Lowe ’12

Melissa Marrero ’12

Jeff Maslow ’11

Patrick McAtee ’10

Robin McGinnis ’10

Michael McGrath ’11

Brandon McNamee ’11

Dennis Mooney ’11

Jessica Morgan ’11

Keith Mosman ’12

Ashley Nastoff ’11

Graciela Navarro ’10

Laura Nelson ’10

Marla Nelson ’12

Andrew Newkirk ’10

Truda Peters ’11

Lauren Posten ’11

Elliott Rector ’12

Condry Robbins ’10

Erica Rothman ’12

Nichole Rousseau-McAllister ’12

Kirsten Rush ’12

Michael Salvas ’12

Melany Savitt ’11

Ben Shelton ’11

Sarah Shepherd ’12

John Aaron Stark ’12

Liberty Straney ’12

Manohar Sukumar ’12

Patrick Sullivan ’12

David Susens ’11

Lindsay Tallon ’12

Lay-Ping Tan ’10

Joe Terrenzio ’11

Daniel Timmons ’12

Jonathan Trause ’11

Bobbie Traverso/Estes ’11

Laysan Unger ’12

Amy van Saun ’11

Kathryn Walter ’12

Tim Wigington ’12

Jason Williams ’12

Heidi Wong ’12

Tiffany Wong ’11

Jason Yarashes ’12

Binah Yeung ’11

Julia Yoshimoto ’12

Marianne Young ’10

Tara Zuardo ’10

2009-10 Community Service

Honors Award Recipients

Naomi Keiko Andress ’12

Ginger Beck ’10

Kelsyn Bevins ’12

David Boyer ’12

Amanda Caffall ’11

Natalie Calta ’11

Emily Campbell ’12

Myra Cause ’12

Richard Deitchman ’12

Matt Dominguez ’11

Jennifer Esmay ’11

Tara Gallagher ’11

Llamilet Gutierrez ’12

Erin Hisano ’11

Bret Kravitz ’11

Andy Le ’12

Michael Liu ’11

Alexis Loretz ’11

Melissa Marrero ’12

Dionne Mottley ’12

Rachel O’Neal ’11

Aurora Paulsen ’12

Logan Perkins ’12

Emily Roth ’11

Dahlia Sattar ’12

Sarah Shepherd ’12

Bobbie Traverso/Estes ’11

Laysan Unger ’12

Claire Westenhaver ’11

Jason Williams ’12

Heidi Wong ’12

Tara Zuardo ’10

Pro Bono and Community Service Award recipients Haley Farrar ’11, Adam Adkin ’11, Elliott Rector ’12, Kathryn Walter ’12, Jennifer Loda ’12, Erica Rothman ’12, Kristen Chambers ’12, and Tara Gallagher ’11.