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The Buffalo Gap

October 10, 2010

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As Jeff Bridges famously said in his recent Oscar acceptance speech, “If there was no Buffalo Gap there’d be no Big Lebowski. And no Big Lebowski means no Jeff Bridges and what the hell would you all do then?” While the exact meaning of this statement has often been debated and puzzled over one thing is clear. The Buffalo Gap is crucial to pretty much everything.

Founded in the late 1880’s and family owned ever since, BG’s impressive menu and ninja-like staff has eased the suffering of Portlanders for generations. From the early settlers to drunken law students the BG is a place of wonder. Whether you stop in for a Dakota Burger or one of their tasty Slider Specials during Blazer games you will not be disappointed. Their vegetarian fare ranges from Fries to Tater Tots to probably salads or something. So be part of history. Roll on down the hill and do yourself a favor.

By Ross Caldwell


  • Good sport watching joint
  • Live music


  • Not so vegetarian friendly
  • Service can be lacking

For more information:

Off of Macadam riverfront in the Southwest
6835 SW Macadam Ave