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La Sirenita

October 10, 2010

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La Sirenita is one of the only Portland spots that serves good Mexican food (in my opinion). They have all the Mexican basics like carne asada, chicken, carnitas, bean and cheese. They also have a vegetarian option that is actually not on the menu. The vegetarian burrito consists of cheese, black beans, tomato, lettuce, and such. It is pretty damn delicious – to be honest. La Sirenita true to Mexican spot form has an amazingly sweet, but not-too-sweet horchata for a buck fifty.

Some might complain about the cleanliness of the spot – but in my experience the more hole-in-the-wall a Mexican spot is – the better the food is. So although you might be bothered by a little grease on the tables, for me it is a good sign.

For added convenience whether you live on the north side or south side of Portland, La Sirenita has two locations, one in sellwood in the Southeast and the other is on NE Alberta.

By Sara Foroshani


  • Good quick Mexican food
  • Law school budget friendly


  • Not the cleanest spot
  • 50 cents charge for credit cards

For more information:

Sellwood in the Southeast / Alberta in the Northeast
8029 SE 17th Ave. / 2817 NE Alberta St.