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Nob Hill Bar and Grill

October 10, 2010

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A lot of people might be tempted to describe Nob Hill Bar and Grill as a dive bar, but that is a bit off the mark. It is certainly a bar of an earlier vintage, compared to the cheap bullshit boutique stores that have moved in all around it in the neighborhood, but it maintains a perfectly agreeable low-key atmosphere. The burgers are top notch, and justify their reputation. They claim there is some special Nob Hill secret sauce on them; it is probably just Thousand Island Dressing squeezed out of a Sysco tube, but who cares? The things are delicious. There are other items on the menu too, of course, but there really is no need to bother with them. Especially when it is lunch time and you can grab the street car special lunch for something like six bucks.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the placeā€¦ it serves its function as a low hassle locale to grab a cheap bite and several pints of beer admirably. The service varies from respectable to outright laconic, but if you are in a hurry, Nob Hill is not the place you want to be anyway. So just move along.

By Zachariah Allen


  • Vintage and rustic atmosphere
  • Good burgers
  • Law school budget food and beer


  • Less than mediocre service
  • Difficult parking

For more information:

Alphabet District in the Northwest
937 NW 23rd Ave.