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Anna Laakmann

Associate Professor of Law

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Anna Laakmann’s teaching and scholarship focus on biomedical innovation policy. Her research explores the ways in which the intellectual property, regulatory, and tort systems impact scientific research, health care markets, the practice of medicine, and population health. Professor Laakmann’s recent and forthcoming work includes publications in the UC Irvine Law Review, Cardozo Law Review, Alabama Law Review, and Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, among others. Prior to joining Lewis & Clark, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor and Shughart Scholar at Penn State Dickinson School of Law. Before she entered the legal academy, Laakmann was manager of technology development and commercialization at a medical research institute outside Philadelphia, where she evaluated the patentability and commercial potential of scientific discoveries, managed patent prosecution, and negotiated license agreements with biopharmaceutical companies. She also served as a consultant for a nonprofit organization that provides technology and business development services to start-up life sciences companies.

Specialty Areas & Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • B.A. 1998 Williams College, summa cum laude
  • M.D. 2002 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • J.D. 2006 Stanford Law School


Works Published As Part of a Collection

  • The New Genomic Semicommons, UC Irvine L. Rev. (forthcoming) (invited symposium article).
  • When Should Physicians Be Liable for Innovation?, 36 Cardozo L. Rev. 913 (2015).
  • The Hatch-Waxman Act’s Side Effects: Precautions for Biosimilars, 47 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 917 (2014) (invited symposium article).
  • An Explicit Policy Lever for Patent Scope, 19 Mich. Telecomm. & Tech. L. Rev. 43 (2012), available at
  • Collapsing the Distinction Between Experimentation and Treatment in the Regulation of New Drugs, 62 Ala. L. Rev. 305 (2011).
  • Restoring the Genetic Commons: A “Common Sense” Approach to Biotechnology Patents in the Wake of KSR v. Teleflex,   14 Mich. Telecomm. Tech. L. Rev. 43 (2007), available at
  • The Impact of Systems Biology on the Pharmacogenomics Revolution, 4 Nanotech L. & Bus. 325 (2007).
  • Understanding Pennsylvania’s Medical Malpractice Crisis: Facts about Liability Insurance, the Legal System, and Health Care in Pennsylvania  (with Randall Bovbjerg) (New York: Columbia University, The Project on Medical Liability in Pennsylvania, for the Pew Charitable Trusts, June 2003).
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Anna Laakmann’s office is located in room 225 of Legal Research Center.


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Anna Laakmann Associate Professor of Law

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