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Janet Neuman

Professor of Law, Retired

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Professor Neuman joined the Lewis and Clark faculty in 1992 after serving as the director of the Oregon Department of State Lands, where she oversaw the state’s management of Common School Fund lands and natural resources; before becoming director, Ms. Neuman had been the agency’s assistant director for resource management. Prior to working in state government, she was a commercial litigator in private practice in both Minnesota and Oregon, handling trial and appellate work in state and federal court. Currently, she serves as Senior Counsel to her previous law firm of Tonkon Torp LLP, periodically consulting with the firm’s environmental and natural resources practice group, with an emphasis on water law matters.

Professor Neuman is on the Board of The Freshwater Trust, a non-profit conservation group. She is past president of the Oregon Water Trust (a non-profit entity restoring instream flows through acquisition of water rights), and a former member of the State Board of Forestry, appointed by the governor of Oregon. Professor Neuman also served on the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission by appointment of President Clinton; the Commission released a comprehensive report in 1998 about the recommended future role of the federal government in western water management.

Professor Neuman co-directed the law school’s Natural Resources Law Institute. She served as the law school’s first Associate Dean of Faculty from 2005-2008, supporting the faculty’s efforts in teaching, scholarship, and community service. Her research interests are in the area of water and natural resources law, and she is a frequent speaker and writer on topics of water law and policy.

Specialty Areas & Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • B.A. summa cum laude 1975 Drake University
  • J.D. 1979 Stanford Law School
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa


Separately Published Works


Works Published As Part of a Collection (selected)

  • Are We There Yet? Weary Travelers on the Long Road to Water Policy Reform, 50 NATURAL RESOURCES JOURNAL 139 (2010).
  • Keeping Indian Claims Commission Decisions in Their Place: Assessing the Preclusive Effect of ICC Decisions in Litigation over Off-Reservation Treaty Fishing Rights, 31 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII LAW REVIEW 475 (2009) (with Michele E. Smith).
  • Chop Wood, Carry Water: Cutting to the Heart of the World’s Water Woes, 23 JOURNAL OF LAND USE & ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 203 (2008).
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Looking for Ecosystem Services within a Forested Watershed, 22 JOURNAL OF LAND USE & ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 173 (2007).
  • Remembering Rain, 37 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 105 (2007)(with Troy Payne). ( abstract=1093353).
  • Sometimes a Great Notion: Oregon’s Instream Flow Experiments, 36 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 1125 (2006) (with Anne Squier and Gail Achterman).
  • Dusting off the Blueprint for a Dryland Democracy: Integrating Water Supply and Watershed Integrity into Land Use Decisions, in WET GROWTH: SHOULD WATER LAW CONTROL LAND USE? (2005).
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The First Ten Years of the Oregon Water Trust, 83 NEBRASKA LAW REVIEW 432 (2004).
  • Have We Got a Deal for You: Can the East Borrow from the Western Water Marketing Experience?, 21 GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW (2004) ( abstract=969742).
  • Drought Proofing Water Law, 7 UNVERSITY OF DENVER WATER LAW REVIEW 92 (2003).
  • Adaptive Management: How Water Law Needs to Change, 31 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER 11432 (2001).
  • Federal Water Policy: An Idea Whose Time Will (Finally) Come, 20 VIRGINIA ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REVIEW 107 (2001).
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  • Water for National Forests: The Bypass Flow Report and the Great Divide in Western Water Law, STANFORD ENVIRONMENTAL LAW JOURNAL, Volume 18, Number 1, January 1999 (with Michael C. Blumm).
  • Beneficial Use, Waste, and Forfeiture: The Inefficient Search for Efficiency in Western Water Use, 28 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 919 (1998).
  • Run, River, Run: Mediation of a Water Rights Dispute Keeps Fish and Farmers Happy - For a Time, 67 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 259 (1996).
  • Survey of Oregon Water Law, in 6 WATERS AND WATER RIGHTS (Beck, ed.).
  • Hope’s Native Home: Living and Reading in the West - A Review of Wallace Stegner’s Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs: Living and Writing in the West, 24 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 293 (1994) (with Pamela G. Wiley).
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