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Law School Alumni Relations

Attendee List

  • (Strange) Taylor, Kalei

  • DeLucia, Tamara

  • Flora, Courtney

  • Huber, Audie

  • Hydes, Dylan

  • Larsen, Sarah

  • Lehman, Ann

    Law School
  • Manley Bailey, Diana

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Wow! 20 years went by fast!
  • Marler, Matt

    Looking forward to it!
  • Marr, Charles

  • Neal-Richardson, Rebecca

  • Paradis, Alethea

    My classmates at L & C are people I admire so very much. It will be truly wonderful to see so many of you again after all these years!
  • Petersen, Sarah

  • Phadke, Ajit

  • Richardson, Carrie

  • Schilling, John

    Looking forward to seeing at least some of my Delta House classmates!
  • Selby, Patricia

  • Snyder, Kent

  • Spitzer, Kathy

  • Stone, Michele

  • Tauman, Nancy

    Sorry I will miss the reunion but I will be out of the country.
  • Thakar, Nidhi

  • Thayer, Jeff

  • Tilley, Adrian

  • Tobiassen, Robert

  • Trotman, Robert

  • Van Dyke, Jane

  • Webber, Ted

  • Weinstein, Molly

    I look forward to seeing classmates, particularly with those I have not seen for years. For myself, I have been retired completely for 23 years by the time we gather, after private civil practice, as a consultant and employee to the State's then Senior and Disabled Services and Emerita Bar Member for some years. Still live in my own home and plan to remain here for the rest of my days, while continuing international travel. Have had to give up backpacking and even hiking though some years ago.
  • Woodhouse, Jennifer