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Shuttle Services

Law School shuttles are paid for and operated by the Law School community and a Law School ID card can be required to board the shuttles.

Schedule Changes

  • Shuttle schedules are subject to change.
  • New schedules will be posted when changes are made with one week notice.
  • Heavy ridership can be experienced some mornings between 8 and 9 o’clock and the vans have seat belts for only 10 or 11 passengers; as we can’t take more passengers than we have seat belts for, catching a shuttle between 7 and 8 o’clock can alleviate the chance that a van is full the following hour.
  • Monday thru Thursdays early Southwest Neighborhood routes are split in halves, running from the Law School to Alice and back to the Law School, then leaving the Law School to Greenridge and back to the Law School, in order to accommodate heavy ridership at those time.
  • Beginning Fall 2013 the Law School shuttle no longer services the downtown clinic. The Pioneer Express now provides that service.THE ONE CLINIC THAT STARTS AT 1PM KNOWS THAT THE PIO EXPRESS DOESN’T ARRIVE UNTIL 1:05PM.  ** ** ** ** ** ** **


  • Law School shuttles do not operate on School Holidays or during inclement weather when the College is closed.
  • For shuttle service status call 503-768-SNOW during inclement weather.


  • Law School shuttles have bike racks.
  • A statement of signed responsibility is required to use the bike racks on shuttles.
  • Bike rack use approval decals can be obtained at the Campus Safety Office (ext. 7855).
  • Affix decal to your Lewis & Clark ID Card.
  • Show the driver your ID card prior to loading your bicycle.
  • Shuttle drivers are not required to assist bike rack users in loading/unloading bicycles.

Reading Schedules

  • Times shown are departure times.
  • Light print denotes AM times.
  • Bold print denotes PM times.

Shuttle Courtesy

Do not park vehicles without permission on private property in order to access Law School shuttles.

**PLEASE don’t park in the lot at the Mt. Park Rec Center to catch the shuttle; park your car up on the street if you are driving to that shuttle stop.

For Information Contact

Law School Shuttle Hotline
503-768-RIDE (7433)

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