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Shuttle Services

Law School shuttles are paid for and operated by the Law School community and a Law School ID card can be required to board the shuttles.

Schedule Changes

  • Shuttle schedules are subject to change.
  • New schedules will be posted when changes are made with one week notice.
  • Heavy ridership can be experienced some mornings between 8 and 9 o’clock; as we can’t take more passengers than we have seat belts for, catching a shuttle between 7 and 8 o’clock can alleviate the chance that a van is full the following hour.
  • The Law School shuttle does not service the downtown clinic. The Pioneer Express provides that service.THE ONE CLINIC THAT STARTS AT 1PM KNOWS THAT THE PIO EXPRESS DOESN’T ARRIVE UNTIL 1:05PM.  ** ** ** ** ** ** **


  • Law School shuttles do not operate on School Holidays or during inclement weather when the College is closed.
  • For shuttle service status call 503-768-SNOW during inclement weather.


  • Law School shuttles have bike racks.
  • A statement of signed responsibility is required to use the bike racks on shuttles.
  • Bike rack use approval decals can be obtained at the Campus Safety Office (ext. 7855).
  • Affix decal to your Lewis & Clark ID Card.
  • Show the driver your ID card prior to loading your bicycle.
  • Shuttle drivers are not required to assist bike rack users in loading/unloading bicycles.

Reading Schedules

  • Times shown are departure times.

Shuttle Courtesy

Do not park vehicles without permission on private property in order to access Law School shuttles.

**PLEASE don’t park in the lot at the Mt. Park Rec Center to catch the shuttle; park your car up on the street if you are driving to that shuttle stop.

For Information Contact

Law School Shuttle Hotline
503-768-RIDE (7433)

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