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Contract Legal Services

The Lewis & Clark Contract Legal Service Program is a free service that connects busy attorneys with Lewis & Clark law students and alumni willing to take short-term projects and assignments.  Typical requests include help with legal research and writing, reviewing discovery, or trial preparation.

   Post a Project Submit a Resume

The Career & Professional Development Center maintains a list of students and alumni (updated monthly) willing to take short-term projects and assignments.  When employers submit project descriptions, we contact students and alumni on the list.  Those interested in the project contact our office, and we provide the employer’s contact information.  Employers may interview those who respond, choose whom to hire, and negotiating wages and hours with the students or alumni.


Post a Project

Find the extra help needed without having to hire an ongoing law clerk or associate.

To begin the process, complete our online Contract Legal Services Posting Form providing a brief description of your project.  We can only accept requests for Ad Hoc assistance from licensed attorneys.

We will provide your information to interested students or alumni, you will decide whom to hire and negotiate wages and hours directly with that person.

Students and Alumni

Submit a Resume to the List

Gather experience and build a reputation in the legal community.

To be included on the list to receive notice of contract projects, email us at and attach a current copy of your resume.  In the body of the email, state, “please add me to this month’s contract legal services list”.  You will need to send this email and your resume each month to remain on the list for that month.

When you are hired for a project, you will negotiate your wages and hours directly with the hiring attorney.