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CDLC Client Stories

Sam Chase, Former Executive Director, Oregon Opportunity Network

“CDLC has, over the years, been a resource for quick legal questions. They have been willing to answer them from time to time without contracts or even charges. It has been very reassuring to be able to call them. A couple of times, it was focused on human resource issues.

Most significantly, they helped our organization merge. The Community Development Network and the Association of Oregon Community Development Organizations had made a decision to merge in concept. CDLC stepped in to assure that we met all the legal requirements, completed all the paper work, established new bylaws that met any legal requirements etc. The staff lawyer they put on our project was excellent and assured that we met our timeline.

CDLC is a unique resource. In a climate struggling for resources to support the industry as a whole, they may be needed even more frequently in the merger arena. They were critical in setting up an efficient and effective new organization that will use dollars more efficiently, but also have a more powerful voice in promoting community development, affordable housing and other programs that support our most vulnerable populations.”

Sandy Halonen, Executive Director, NEDCO

“In 2006 I learned that as a non-profit subleasing a building we were not exempt from paying property taxes. I went to the CDLC and they took on the case and did a great deal of research which led to me taking the issue to the legislature to change the way non-profit organizations are taxed. NEDCO and other non-profit organizations gave testimony and the law was changed and this greatly impacted many places.

Without the CDLC I would not have been able to change the law or even be aware that it was something I could do. They encouraged me to go to the legislature and assisted me by providing expert knowledge and testimony.

The CDLC makes a huge difference in our organization because they understand the many business and legal issues we face and have substantial background in community development law. They have all of the resources, connections, collaborations and partnerships needed to do accomplish what needs to be done. They are very connected in conversations with many of people in community development law as well as the broader scope of the legal field; all of which keeps them current and up to speed.”


Roberto Jimenez, Executive Director, FHDC

“I love the CDLC and so does my staff, they are accessible, open to teaching, and most importantly they stand up for their clients. My experience with students has been very positive, the quality of work was excellent and they are very professional.

The role of CDLC is critical in the affordable housing industry, budget projections show a 50% increase in attorney fees from four years ago, in that same amount of time the CDLC’s fees have hardly increased. Every line in our budget has gone up, CDLC’s expertise remains a great value for the dollar.”


Catherine Kes, Housing Development Director, Hacienda CDC

“At Hacienda CDC our primary focus is developing affordable housing for people who earn less than 60% of the area median. We have a large community building program, resident services, after school programs, and we provide homeownership education. The CDLC has helped us in many ways, from redrafting articles and bylaws to human resources and employment counseling to asset management training. Their training programs are very good, very hands-on, and a great way to learn solutions to project problems and create sustainability.

CDLC is a huge benefit to the community, by helping Community Development Corporations, everyone is more stable and has a much better understanding of what they are doing. The staff is fantastic, I can call them and they will respond and help you with anything or find someone who can.

I learned about CDLC as a law student working and studying at the clinic which involved doing work for Hacienda in particular. It was a great experience and provided me with valuable hands-on experience that I continue to use today.”


Jim Moorefield, Executive Director, Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services

“We develop affordable housing, homeownership opportunities, and help individuals who want to start their own micro-enterprise business. The CDLC has helped us accomplish this in a number of ways over the years and with multiple projects. Recently, they provided us with services related to the acquisition of another non-profit organization. They also helped us with a variety of aspects such as drafting agreements that outlined a management service agreement, acquisition consulting, review of a housing rehab agreement and purchase agreements. The CDLC has helped to make us a stronger organization, one that is more sustainable and effective at providing affordable housing in Benton county.

It is great to work with the team at the CDLC because they understand our work inside and out, our work is highly technical and involves many legal aspects, their understanding of the nature of our work is absolutely critical.”

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