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Please see the list of helpful resources below to strengthen your writing.

Grammar and Writing Skills

Purdue OWL Writing Exercises Pages - Purdue’s Online Writing Lab is an excellent source of grammar and writing exercises covering everything from sentence structure to use of punctuation.

A Brief Grammar for Lawyers by Prof. Don Hughes. - general encyclopedias, thesaurus, books of quotations, English usage, includes The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., the classic book for all questions about writing.

The KISS Grammar Site by Edward Vavra - Created by English professor and grammar expert at Pennsylvania College of Technology. For exercises you can print, analyze, and check against answer keys, see http://home.pct. edu/~evavra/ENL111/ Syntax/Practice_Ex/ Index.htm.

The Legal Writing Teaching Assistant: The Law Student’s Guide to Good Writing — by Marc A. Grinker.

RawData Writing - Friedman’s writing links, grammar & style, reference, other writing links.

Wilbers - Click on Contents and then Instructions - grammar and writing tips; a Tip of the Week and Weekly Exercises.

Rightwords - Punctuation, grammar and related matters.

Virtualsalt - Pay particular attention to “Tools for Writers” and A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices in section called “Articles Related to Literature.”

“Eschew, Evade, and/or Eradicate Legalese” by Prof. Eugene Volokh.

New Jersey Law Journal by Ken Oettle.

The Writing Center - writing papers, grammar, and more.

National Punctuation Day.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation - interactive exercises, grammar and punctuation, writing at the sentence and paragraph level, quizzes, and PowerPoints.

Northwestern’s law link focuses on helping international students.

Writing Resources

General Resources

“The Study of Law.”

Internet Legal Resource Guide - index of over 4000 web sites; particular interest - the section entitled “Academia,” especially section IV, IRG Web Index. - information about creating outlines, the case method, IRAC, taking exams, and more.

Appellate Practice

Tips from the North Dakota Supreme Court - very helpful!

U.S. Supreme Court web page - oral arguments, opinion, calendar, and more.


The ALWD Citation Manual.

Bluebook site.

Interactive Citation Workstation.

Exam Taking

Law & Policy Institutions Guide - exam taking and other subjects like financial aid, law school outlines, employment resources, and more.

HierosGamos - The Law Student Center.

**Don’t forget our own library home page. Click on students then select exams to get sample exams for classes!

Just for Fun

A website devoted to law and popular culture.

Lawyers making fun of themselves. - Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging.

Alternative Lawyering

http://www.restorativejustice. org

http://www.renaissancelawyer. com

http://www.transformingpractices. com

Lawyering Program

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