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L&C ACLU Bylaws

I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Lewis & Clark Law School ACLU.

II. Purpose

The purpose of Lewis & Clark Law School ACLU is to promote the cause of civil liberties among the students, faculty and staff at Lewis & Clark Law School and to take such action to further this purpose as is consistent with the policies and regulations of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon.

III. Affiliation with ACLU of Oregon

1. This organization is a student branch of the ACLU of Oregon.

2. All public positions and statements of the student branch shall be consistent with the policies of the ACLU of Oregon.

3. The officers of this organization shall consult with the Volunteer Coordinator of the ACLU of Oregon office in pursuing its activities and shall provide the office with copies of any minutes and any other important documents.

4. As a condition of its association with ACLU, this organization agrees to comply with ACLU of Oregon regulations regarding student groups, so long as the regulations are not inconsistent with school policy.

IV. Membership

1. A majority of the membership of this organization shall consist of regularly enrolled students of Lewis & Clark Law School.

2. Only those members who are currently registered students at Lewis & Clark Law School and have attending two consecutive meetings have voting privileges.

3. Faculty and staff of Lewis & Clark Law School may have associate membership status. However, they may not have voting privileges.

4. All members are encouraged to be members of the ACLU of Oregon. All officers shall be members in good-standing of the ACLU.

V. Board of Directors

1. The officers of this organization shall consist, at minimum, of Co-Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer positions may be combined, in which case there shall be at-large officers. Groups with more than 15 members have the option to increase representation by adding additional at-large officers as appropriate in the Board of Directors.

2. The Co-Chairs shall be responsible for general coordination of the organization’s activities and programs and shall be the liaison with the ACLU of Oregon affiliate office.

3. The Co-Chairs shall assume responsibilities of the Chair when one Co-Chair is absent and may take additional tasks on as assigned agreed.

4. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the records and the membership of the organization, submitting any meeting minutes and website and newsletter content to appropriate affiliate staff.

5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the handling and accounting of all financial transactions for the organization.

6. All officers will have a one-year term of office. 


VI. Elections

1. Elections for officers shall take place at least one month prior to the end of the school year.

2. Any member of the organization may nominate him- or herself or any other member for a position as officer. All nominations shall be submitted at least one week before elections are to be held. All members shall have one vote by secret ballot.

3. If there is only one nominee for an available position, that nominee may be deemed elected without a formal vote.

4. Elections will be held under such additional rules as decided by the membership beforehand.

VII. Meetings

1. Meetings shall be held on a regular basis at a time and place set by the officers. Notice of the meetings shall be provided to all members at least one week in advance, and if available, published in any regular school publication.

2. A minimum of five members must be present at a meeting in order to conduct business.

3. All public positions and statements taken by this organization shall be adopted by a majority of the membership, and shall be consistent with the policies of the ACLU of Oregon.

VIII. Financial transactions

1. Except as noted below, any funds procured by this organization are the property of this organization and shall be handled in compliance with Lewis & Clark Law School regulations.

2. Any member of this organization who is not a member of the ACLU of Oregon is strongly encouraged to become one. ACLU of Oregon memberships are to be sent directly to the ACLU of Oregon office. These dues make the person a member of the state affiliate, the national organization and any local chapters that apply.

IX. Amendments

1. Amendments to these Bylaws shall be made only by approval of a two-thirds majority of the membership of this organization and shall also require approval of the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Oregon.

2. Written notice of a meeting at which amendments will be considered, along with the text of the amendments, will be sent to all members at least one week in advance of the meeting. Notice may be given by mail or e-mail. Notice shall also be provided to the Volunteer Coordinator.